Wednesday Coed Cup in Hand Kickball at Ziegler Park - Spring 2019  Kickball (Outdoor) · Co-Ed Recreational

Spring 2019
Jun 5 ’19
Jul 10 ’19
Registration Dates:
Apr 10 ’19 – Apr 29 ’19 early bird
Apr 30 ’19 – Jun 5 ’19 regular
MonTueWedThuFriSatSun 6:15pm to 11:00pm

Coed: 6 men/ 5 women on the field at all times.

Team Fees
Early Bird $485.00 per team + $5.99 Processing Fee
Regular $515.00 per team + $5.99 Processing Fee
Free Agent Fees
Early Bird $60.00 + $2.99 Processing Fee
Regular $65.00 + $2.99 Processing Fee

1. Fee Includes: One t-shirt per paid AND REGISTERED player on roster, equipment, league facilitation, weekly drink and food specials at the sponsor bar.

*Your players must be registered and on your team roster in our online system, with t-shirt size indicated, to receive a participation t-shirt at the end of the season! You can invite them to register by logging into your player account.*

-All league fees must be paid prior to the start of the league! 

2. League Format - Please Review:

All teams are guaranteed 6 total games of play.  5 weeks of regular season play followed by either a single elimination tournament or a position match week.

Ziegler Park Rules: 

-No cleats of any type when playing at Ziegler Park! No exceptions! 

-NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL allowed at Ziegler! 

3. Forfeit Policy: In order to continue to provide the best leagues possible for our participants, you can only forfeit 1 game a season. If you forfeit a second time, your team will be removed from the league.
4. Cup in Hand:

  • All active players (all defensive fielders and offensive kickers/runners) MUST have liquid (ANY liquid allowed including water) in their cups ABOVE the designated line (2nd groove in a standard Solo cup)
    • If a fielder makes a catch/gets the offensive player out in any way BUT loses too much liquid from their cup (under the designated line) – that offensive player is SAFE
    • If a fielder makes a play for an out/outs is found (by the ref) to have less than the designated amount of liquid, the player who got out goes back to the closest base they were on prior to getting out
    • A fielder CANNOT place their cup in their mouth/armpit/etc. or set/drop their cup to make a play (if this happens, the play is dead and the offensive player is safe/given the next base)
    • If a fielder makes a play WITHOUT A CUP IN THEIR HAND the runners advances to the next base or the base they were running towards
    • If a runner’s liquid level falls below the line, that runner is OUT
  • Teams MUST have a designated refill person ready to refill teammates cups – keeps pace of the game
  • If a CSL staff member or referee deems a player TOO UNRULY, they can tell the player to continue with WATER ONLY.
    • Failure to comply will result in this player being ejected from the league.


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